Giveaways and special offers

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The sale is only running to Christmas day so act fast.

Alright here is our annual giveaway sale with every gravel bag purchased you get a chance at one of these 4 prizes. They winning numbers will be randomly selected using a random number generator. The available prizes are as follows first up this awesome goethite specimen it was 206ct and looks like two geothites fused together.

Next is a 1.06ct faceted si clarity Montana sapphire from our mine. This stone has a nice light powdery blue color and a fantastic oval shape. It measures 7.3x5.4mm


Alright this one is super special this is a 1.14ct vs clarity heated blue Montana sapphire. The shape is a beautiful oval and the color is absolutely excellent. This fantastic Montana sapphire measures 6.7x5.1mm 

Here is the last of the prizes this is a great collectors piece a collection of various different Geothite shapes. Dad said he would prefer this to the sapphires so Its a special piece. It is one a piece of our breccia from the mine aswell.